What’s she doing now?


Today’s entire prompt is longer:
“What’s she doing now?” “Oh, you haven’t heard about her. She has special powers…”

Special powers… Special powers… Francine was stuck. Everything sounded good up to that point, but now her character had special powers? What kind of special powers? Being a writer has its perks, but it also comes with some serious setbacks, she thought. And the biggest one in front of her right now was how to overcome the cliche and make her main character someone truly special—unique.

A few minutes went by and then lightning struck.

“I’d say! I’ve never seen anyone use their thumbs like…” No, that’s stupid. Thumbs. Sheesh.

She thought a bit more, and then it hit her.

Julie was special because she had the ability to influence even the meanest guys and girls in school. She was smart. Not like book smart. She was brilliant when it came to navigating the most challenging conversations, and what Nancy was watching was yet another example of it.

I had no idea where to go with today’s prompt, so I figured I could leverage that and write from the perspective of an author struggling with writing material. And that lent itself to simply writing what I was thinking.

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