About Us


The Daily Fives was started by Jon and Lindsey Graves at the start of 2023 as a simple way to create more time together and spark our creativity. But we didn’t come up with the concept. Our boys started up the practice (we think it was an idea they got from one of their professors) at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to challenge themselves and not die of boredom. Lindsey and I tried it a couple of times and had an absolute blast. So Lindsey came up with 100 or so prompts—she was preparing to write another book—and off we went!

Now, with the Daily Fives, we want to give every writer—new, seasoned, or aspiring—a simple set of tools to get started on their own creative writing journeys.

Our goal is to create fun and engaging jumping-off points that allow you to quickly react with your own thoughts and build a compelling hook. You won’t always get there, and you may not always know where you’re going as you start putting words on the page. But we’re confident you’ll find that 5 minutes is enough time to develop a thought and move with it.

Our Core Values

  • Let yourself have fun
  • Think marathons, not sprints
  • Stay committed
  • Learn above all