What is that coming towards us?


The boys sat up from the campfire to look across the lake, eyes squinting to take in as much light and focus as they could. They’d been sitting around laughing and dreaming about better days when Joey first saw movement ahead. The longer they looked, the harder it was to see anything discernable, so they went back to the story Dale was telling.

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by Joey, “I think it would be so fun to go bobsledding sometime soon. What do you guys think?”

Nah, said Buddy. Too boring. Skeet shooting is where it’s at. Anyone want to go with me?

Skeet shooting was Buddy’s go-to. Every day at school, he talked about it, dreamed about it, even drew it on his homework papers when he couldn’t think of anything he should actually be writing down. No one knew why he was so fascinated with it, and no one had ever been or even seen him shoot, but no one cared. It was just funny. Then the brush moved again ahead of them.

Tonight’s prompt was fun. I didn’t want to duplicate the scary vibe from yesterday, but at the end, I couldn’t help bringing it back to the prompt.

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