Stop! Right there! Do you see it?


What? Where?

Right there in the street! It moved beneath the cars, but I’m sure I saw it.

Saw what?

I don’t know… It just kinda came out of nowhere. 

What did it look like?

Hard to describe, but it was fast, and I mean really fast. Faster than anything I’ve ever seen.

Should we tell someone?

Tell them what? That I saw something I can’t describe and that it was the fastest thing I’ve ever seen? Yeah, great story….Oh there it is again!!! And it’s coming right at us. Run!!!

The two girls ran at a blistering pace, certainly faster than they’d ever moved their feet before. In and out of traffic and up toward the old brownstone their best friend owned up the street.

Quick, it’s after us!

What?!?! Jessie, a girl with long brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes, screamed as she hurdled up the steps and started pouding on the door.

Let us in! Let us in!!!!

The door opened, and in the instant, she knew…there wasn’t anything in the street. It was all a ruse to get her to the front door where all of her friends were hiding for the biggest birthday surprise ever.

This was our first prompt. It was a challenging starting point, but I had some fun with it at the close. Literally had no idea where it was going until I got to the end.

Jon Graves

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