I’ll go, said the stranger in the back of the room


The crowd was stunned. No one had ever seen the man before, but he had commanded such a presence when he entered the room that everyone thought he was the reason so many had showed up for the big event downtown. As he turned to leave, I noticed a glimmering light just off the left side of the stage. Was it a camera flash? A weapon of some sort. No. There it was again. Something was definitely happening, but what. As I turned to look back toward the mysterious gentleman, it was as if the entire room had shifted. The man wasn’t leaving anymore; he was being escorted up the grand hotel stairs by a small group of masked men. What is going on?! As I fought to gain my bearings, I was tackled from behind. Apparently, on my way to the ground my head hit something and I blacked out. That’s the last thing I remember. Next thing I knew, I was here talking to you.

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