I literally can’t see a thing.


It was true. The fog was thicker than anyone had ever seen it in town. To make matters worse, that strange, guttural sound was getting closer. 

What do we do? Rachel was clearly about to lose it.

I don’t know what that thing is, but we definitely aren’t sticking around to find out. Come on.

Jeff led Rachel and the girls away from their 72 Ford custom truck and out into the forested area just outside of town. The sound continued to follow them.

As they found their way through the trees, literally pawing their way through, it went eerily silent. They stopped and listened, pleading within each of them to hear something…anything…that would signal the end to what appeared to be a growing nightmare. Nothing. Agonizing seconds went by with nothing happening, nothing to indicate that the scare was over. Then, as if it was there with them the whole time, the guttural sound rushed up behind them.

Today’s jumping off point was a fun one. As always, I had no idea where I was headed, but it came together pretty well. Where would you go with it?

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