Are you sure you can trust him?


Jack had asked himself that question dozens of times throughout his life. His dad was a smart man, skilled at making himself look good in literally any situation, but that’s what always made it so hard for Jack—his dad had some dangerous people looking for him. It had always been that way. Ever since the first summer down in the Keys. Jack was only 12 years old when he saw his dad first confronted at gunpoint. Today didn’t seem much different.

“Come on, son,” the gray-haired man in the navy blue velvet suit pleaded. “This won’t be like any of the other times in the past. Please, Jack, trust me.”

Jack looked around the room. He’d begun to build a life for himself. And now, when he was just settling in, his dad was back asking him to jump back in. What that meant to Jack is that, yet again, he’d have to risk it all.

This one felt good from the start. Maybe because I was thinking about my own life and family structure or simply because I watch a lot of adventure movies. Either way, I was pretty pleased with tonight’s hook.

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